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- Winding machine FG-2000B
Product Introduction:
Technical data
Control system: PLC + human-computer interface
Wheel diameter: 1500mm
The Biggest packaging height: 2100mm
The maximum bearing of the turntable: 2000kg
Wrap film inside reel diameter: 75mm
Wrap film outside reel diameter: 250mm
Wheel speed: 1-10 laps/points
Turntable height: 80mm
Turntable motor: 0.75 kw
Lifting motor: 0.18 kw
Power supply: 220V 50HZ 1 phase
¡¾Machine characteristics ¡¿
1. Accurate return to zero
2. Magic eye detects the height of the packing objects
3. Pre-tension rate 250%
4. Slow start, slow stop
5. Wheel speed adjustable
6. The man-machine interface operation
¡¾ optional accessories ¡¿
1. Slope
2. Press
3. Wheel diameter
4. Wheel bearing
[Control panel can adjust parameters]
* Bottom winding circle number 1-10
* Top winding lap 1-10
* Turntable speed 3 to 10 laps/minutes
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