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- Semi-automatic packing belt
Product Introduction:
Product model: PP13585
Details: machine grade packing belt includes semi-automatic packing belt and automatic packing belt
Applicable scope: automatic and semi-automatic machine
Color: white, transparent, red, yellow, black, and so on, company names and phone number can be printed on the belt according to customers requirement.
Item No Size Elongation Tension W/meter Breaking/elongation (%) Skewness(mm/m) L/R (m) G.W Note
YK - C 13.50.5MM 1.00.05MM 35kg 12.01.0g 25 15 650 10 KG
YK - B 13.00.5MM 0.950.05MM 40kg 12.01.0g 25 15 650 10 KG
YK - A 13.50.5MM 0.90.05MM 40kg 11.51.0g 25 15 650 10 KG
YK -13 13.50.5MM 0.750.05MM 50kg 6.51.0g 25 15 1300 10 KG
YK-1800 13.50.5MM 0.650.05MM 75kg 5.41.0g 25 15 1800 10 KG
YK-2000 13.50.5MM 0.60.05MM 75kg 4.51.0g 25 15 2000 10 KG
YK-clear 13.50.5MM 0.750.05MM 75kg 6.51.0g 25 15 1300 10 KG
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